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We wish we could tell you that Progeria formed because of something cool. Something like the command of our clove hoofed master, or that we all came together in the darkness of night because of an eerie dream we had simultaneously (during the longest and coldest night of the year) that told us to venture into the wilderness where we would find each other and consequently form the most brutalest grind unit ever. The truth of the matter is that Progeria, like most other bands, was created mostly out of boredom.

Basically the way it went down was that I (Oscar) had just moved back to the valley after deciding to change schools and majors. Richard and I had been friends for quite some time and had been hanging out quite a bit after my return... So one night while chillin' at his pad listening to Bones Erosion we were like " yo we should start a grindcore band together." Richard was in hardcore thrash band called Ruido at the time, but was really looking forward to doing a grind side project. So we were like "fuck yeah... oh wait we need to find a bass player and a drummer." So we TRICKED Aimee (the love of all of our lives, and bass player of Ruido at the time) to play bass, and Damien to drum for us (after all it just wouldn't be right for there to be a band from the San Fernando Valley that Damien wasn't a part of.) So now we were set. There was nothing that could get in our way now. Oh wait we needed a cool name too. I guess there had been a Maury Povich episode around that time with progeria kids in it, and a friend of mine brought that shit up at school. I was like fuck yeah that would be a fucking bad ass name. Everyone else in the band was like "Whatever dude, shut up".

Well we didn't start practicing and shit for like another month or so later (December 5th 1998) because Ruido was going to go on tour with Abstain for like a week and they were practicing nonstop and concentrating on that shit. Anyway that finally happened and when they came back from touring, Ruido decided to take some time off or some shit. That's when the shit hit the fan. We cranked out three songs (nobody, suffer, and polluted) at our first practice and we were like "fuck yeah we rock". (Actually the plan was for Aimee to do vocals with a pitch shifter so that she could sound like three or four times more gory than me, but that kinda fell through cus she tried it just plain like that and sounded fucking harsh, so we decided not to fuck with that shit.) Anyway, after about a month or two, Aimee and Richard decided to trade off instruments and that shit just kind of ended up working out better. good move fellas.

Well, we played our first show on February 5th 1999 with Bad Acid Trip, Antagony, and Eat Shit And Die. It wasn't too bad except for a broken guitar string... We recorded our first (12 song) demo the following week. (Don't bother asking for this one cus you ain't getting it from us.)
...Anyway Aimee and Richard have since parted from Ruido and have committed their lives to Progeria. We've played fuck loads of shows, some good, some not so good. (I guess you have to expect that kind of shit when you're dealing with the underground grind scene though). We've written forty plus songs, twenty-five of which we have recorded for the Progeria/ id. split (10 songs) and other upcoming releases. Most importantly we've all managed to stay sane amongst the lameness of everyday life.

It trips me out to see how much better we've all gotten since then. Even still some people don't like us, oh well, but these people will probably never like us (sorry guys). The problem is that we don't care so much what you think, as much as we care about playing what we want to hear. Don't get me wrong, if someone happens to enjoy our shit as much as we do, then that's fucking bad ass, but... The way I feel is, that your band should always be your favorite band (well maybe next to Assuck and Discordance Axis, but they don't count), and if you're not playing what you